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Sick of Spotify radio that has no relevance to your tastes? Simply open Spotify and enter an artist in the box below to hear a radio station that you'll love.

Love or hate songs to make your station more you.

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FAQ & Help

Echofi uses the intelligence behind echonest to create a radio station for you based on promoting the things you love (and avoiding things you hate!)

Playback is done in Spotify, so be sure to open your client with an empty play queue, and best results are achieved with a Premium or Unlimited account.

Note that Spotify can be a bit greedy and steal focus when each new track is played, especially on OSX. Sadly, there's not a lot I can do about that. Just sit back & enjoy, or make the Spotify window really, really small.

This product uses a SPOTIFY API but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group.

Comments? @asmitter on twitter.

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Thanks and goodbye!

After 18 months of serving up a better Spotify radio experience and generating over 45,000 radio stations, Echofi is closing.

The EchoNest APIs that power the music recommendations have been shut down which means that without a major rewrite and different backend, Echofi is unable to provide music picks tailored to your feedback. Fortunately, since Echofi went live Spotify has significantly improved its own Radio feature, including many features Echofi set out to provide.

If you're interested in personalised music discovery, Spotibot playlist generator is still alive and kicking and maintained by the same author, Andy Smith.